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‚ÄčECO Street Services, LLC.

ECO Street Services is committed to your complete satisfaction with our Power Sweeping Services and Water Truck Services with CDL Drivers.  Whether you are a Construction Site, have Track Out Needs, a City, a Municipality, a Movie/Commercial Ad Production, a private road, etc. Our ECO-friendly services help to maintain the value of your property and give your property the pristine appearance that will impress your customers, make your employees proud, and keep your construction sites from being red-tagged!

If parking lots or other surfaces are left unattended, the pavement will deteriorate.  ECO Street Services will work with you to determine the right schedule for your property.

ECO Street Services has a reputation of timeliness, professionalism, and excellent customer service.  We provide daily, weekly, monthly or on-call sweeping programs.  

Available 24/7 to meet any issues you may encounter.

We are proud to serve such customers as Skanska, Active Construction, Toll Brothers, Poe Construction, J.R Hayes Construction, Main Vue Homes, Polygon Homes, RM Homes to name a few!

Our Environment

At ECO Street Services, we comply with all environmental regulations including the Clean Water Act, which states "nothing  but rain down the drain"

Sweeping is the best way to help prevent storm water runoff.  Street Sweeping has been defined as a Best Management Practice by the EPA.

Our concern for the environment is why we have standardized on TYMCO Sweepers which are designed for adhering to the Air Quality Management District (AQMD) Rule 1186, the standard for excellent dust and PM10 control (PM10 are solid and liquid particles that are 10 micrometers in size).

Our regenerative air system enables us to pick up fine particles from streets, parks, parking lots, construction sites, and private driveways that would find their way to the watershed and further pollute our beautiful Puget Sound, along with our rivers, creeks, and streams.

Our Sweepers

ECO Street Services has standardized on the regenerative air TYMCO Sweepers, the highest standard in the industry.  Our sweepers feature a high-efficiency centrifugal dust separator for maximum fine dust particulate separation which provides excellent dust control while using less water.

TYMCO sweepers feature better dust control such as water nozzle design and placement, not just adding more water like other street sweepers. ECO Street Services' sweepers have a high water capacity which provides hours of sweeping while maintaining excellent dust control.

Our Water Trucks

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